Waqfu Building

Waqfu Building is acquiring premises for religious and commercial Use. Waqfu for Commercial use, is a building purposely for income generation to financially support availability of free services of Islam such as monthly payment for Imams, Muadhins, lights and water for mosques, payment of salaries to teachers of madarasa, renovation of a mosque and any Madarasa for learning of Holy Quran, etc.

The first property proposes to be purchased as Waqfu Building is located at the heart of Durban city. The building generates approximately R 200,000 from shops and offices on other floors currently. this income can increase to 300,000 if converted into a shopping mall because its located in a very busy street of Durban.

the management finished to sign agreement of sale with owners, they are selling one million US Dollors, equivalent to R 15 Million.

To donate a Waqfu building or contribute on the purchase of this building as Waqfu contact us or click donate down and choose waqfu on the menu, your waqfu will forever until the day of Judgement benefiting Islam and reward will be recorded on your account by Angels. give your Waqfu to this new organisation that does not have any Waqfu to help serve the poor of South Africa those who have embraced Islam but they can not access services especially black communities where Islam is growing rapidly. May Allah accept your intention for Waqfu.