Quran Publication

Quran is holy Book of Allah Subhanahu Watala, its the most honored book on earth. No one is allowed just touch the holy unless he or she is clean. According to Sharia Law of Islam cleanses in Man means to have “wuthu” a special cleanness mandatory to every Muslim when is going to perform five mandatory prayers known as salah, while for women “wuthu” Means cleanness from monthly menses and also must have Wuth.

If touching the holy book of Quran is not allowed to a Muslim unless when is clean, that means strict maximum observation is taken in the process of Publishing the Holy Quran by dedicated and devoted scholars of Islam monitored by established organisation in charge of authentication of Islamic literature before publication.

The team of scholars will read letter by letter word by word for authentication in editing of the Holy Quran for approval to be printed on the most expensive , most beautiful papers used for printing the Holy Quran.

After printing , there is of scholars who also look for printing errors who read through the entire Quran letter by letter, word by word , pager by page for approval to be distributed to readers. on the right is video of Quran publication in UAE. take a tour.


Assalaam aleikum Warahmatu-llah. every letter of Quran recited gives the reciter 10 rewards from Allah Subhanahu Wataala, the same reward for donor of the Holy Quran . Click donate and contribute any amount you can afford for Quran for Waqfu. When you click Donate , choose Waqfu on the Menu and make it monthly if you can. send proof of payment to us. Jazaka-llah Khairan.

Blessed are those who donate in Allahs Name seeking His blessings and Pleasure. they are the successful ones in this life and hereafter.