Masjid Projects

In South Africa, the management proposed to develop 10 Mosques in every province starting with towns with immediate need of Masjid looking for sponsors. in mean time the management hire places utilized as praying areas , flats in cities for workers, full houses in suburbs. the cost of these prayer places called Jamat Khana is estimated at 30,000 equivalent to 2200 US Dollar Monthly , that covers monthly rental for standard prayer place known as Jamat Khana estimated at R 10000, Imam and Muadhin monthly salary between R 6000 -R 8000 each. lights and water R 2000, cleaner R 2000 .

Click Donate and choose Waqfu to contribute monthly on this projects with a little you can afford from 5 GBP Pounds to any amount of your choice.
Blessed are those who donate in Allahs Name seeking His blessings and Pleasure. they are the successful ones in this life and hereafter.