Madarasa Projetcs

Madarasa projects is free teaching of Quran and Knowledge of Islam to our children after school starting 3:00 here in South Africa. This is a free education system for children after school, and for Adults during weekends. We have Madarasa classes for women and men separate on evenings and weekends.

Major subject taught is reciting the Holy Quran, knowing essential ahadith, and basic knowledge of Islam according to curriculum developed by department of Education for Children and Adults.

The estimate cost of Madarasa Project is R 30,000 monthly, equivalent to 2200 Us Dollor, for payment of teachers male and female teachers , each one between R 8000-R 10000, Rental of a place R 10000 is covered when using a prayer place known as Jamat Khana for accommodation of classes. we budget for transport cost for children, and adult classes who can not afford their own transport, Transport is estimated at R 10000.

Every letter child learns, a man or woman, you get ten rewards, imagine how many rewards written to your accounts by Angels if you sponsor a Madarasa. and Allah Sub hanahu Wataala will increase Baraka in your earning and your health with your family and friends who support this noble cause. Ameen.