Grand Mosque of SA Project

National Grand Mosque of South Africa is proposed project to develop the head office of Muslim Supreme Council of South Africa ( MUSCOOSA) which is a complex comprised of Grand Mosque, Shopping Mall, Offices, Parking, learning, staff apartments, hostels for learners, conference hall, meeting rooms, administrative offices for all departments of Muscoosa, office for all provinces, Municipalities, hotel for guests, praying yard for Eid prayers, and yard for assembling.

B y the Grace of Allah the management welcome contribution for achievement of this mega vision for South Africa starting from Purchasing the land which has been secured owner selling approximately US $ 10 Million dolor enough for the proposed complex to develop estates for those who must reside near the Grand Mosque according to South Africa nature of Historical apartheid, people live in their communities, so we must have low income , medium and income estates built near the Grand Mosque , Schools, medical facilities etc, this is reason for acquiring bigger land, its needed as part of the project estimated budget.

Blesses is the soul that has the means to purchase this land either for Waqfu or to give a loan to be paid back for purchase of this land. money to pay back will be generated from sale of houses, donations, and business means because they will be a shopping Mall , school, and other things included.

Either Waqfu or loan it is received by Suuh Investments Pty Ltd the company in charge of taking the loan or receiving endowments ( Waqfu) for development of this complex because Non-Profit organisations does not qualify for a loan because its a Non-Profit making public benefit organisation which does not belong to directors or workers and their families. Muscoosa only qualifies for Waqfu donations, in that case, if your giving Waqfu will be received by Muscoosa.

This is a business opportunity for those who may want to invest wisely their wealth , your most welcome to contact the management see contact us above.

Blessed are those who donate in Allahs Name seeking His blessings and Pleasure. they are the successful ones in this life and hereafter.