Donate to Awqaaf

Blessed are those who donate in Allahs Name seeking His blessings and Pleasure. they are the successful ones in this life and hereafter.

Donate Generously to Masjid Maintenance paying lights and water, workers, Imams and Muasdhins, teachers of Quran in Madarasa, Contribute to Mosque Building. Build your own Mosque on available land, contact us.

If you have a building to donate for Wafu for the sake of seeking Allah’s pleasure, contact us , you will find us the best custodians of your endowment and forever your name will always be remembers for prayers and your family, please come quick, do not think twice, your giving Allah Subhanahu Wataala your house , a car , or anything as Waqfu, forever reward will be recorded in your book until the day of judgement , tel me what will stop you from entering Jannatul firdausi.