Budget reflects activities of the organisation for coming financial year, focus on challenges and achievements.

Budget is Estimated Expenditure of the Organisation depends on the projects and operations of the organisation. Auditor General Draws annual Estimated Budget of the organisation and allocate defined amount of money for each department according to policies passed, operational costs to implement policies, and intended projects.

Every department submit estimated annual budget to office of the Auditor General who allocate funds for departments according to approved proposed budget by management.


Purchase of Waqfu Building in the center of Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg The Awqaf Building will be for income generation, offices, staff Each Town, estimated to 2 Million US dollar. So 6 million US dollars. 
Purchase of computers, these desktops and laptops, equipped with windows, software, Touch screen Nine Provinces, more than 200 Municipalities and districts, and more than twenty departments Estimate of 300 computers and Laptops, its good of supplier is from Islamic country. In South African market, each Computer cost 1000 US Dollar.
Cell phones for Modern communication Nine Provinces, more than 200 Municipalities and districts, and more than twenty departments South African market, each good cellphone cost US$ 1000.
Vehicles for transport At least 30 vehicles for every department and every Provincial office Used vehicle good condition or new but different models estimated at US $ each 20,000  
Office Furniture More than 20 departments, nine provinces, more than 200 districts and municipalities, Estimate of 300 offices , each office is estimated to cost US $ 1000
Monthly Operational          expenditure all offices in the Country. Airtime, water, lights, petrol/diesel, refreshments of staff, security Estimated at  US $100,000
Remunerations (salary)  Grand Mufti & his office US $ 8000
Council of Sheikhs Mufti of every province and his assistant 18 Muftis each is estimated at US $ 1000
All 29 Directors of departments and Permanent secretaries One Director and permanent secretary ass Director Each estimated to earn US $ 1000 Monthly.
Municipalities and districts More than 200 municipalities and districts Each municipality and estimated to earn US $ 2000 monthly for Staff
Purchase of Land for Building head national Grand Mosque of South Africa which will have the head offices, hotels and apartments The land is located in Pretoria of 2800 Hectares. For development of a town names Suuh City by Suuh Properties The Land value is on the market at 15 million US $ Dollars, we Negotiated and agreed to settle at 10      Million US $
Transfer Duty, legal fees, Payable to municipality Estimated at US $ 1.5 M
City Zoning Cost This is Making a Plan of an Arab Islamic City by authorities Will be determined after submission of Plans. Wabillah Tawfique.

This budget is proposed by department of auditor general responsible for Accounts. As Grand Mufti of South Africa, I call for Helpers of Islam financially to contribute to this budget for the sake of Allah Subhanahu Wataala who will reward you Janatul Firdausi. The main Priority issues in this budget is the Purchase of Waqfu buildings in every town that will be utilized as offices to serve the public of South Africa, Massajis, and will be able to generate income that can support this budget monthly forever on the salaries of the staff, Operational cost. If those buildings are purchased as estimated,. Six million US $ is the first priority. The second Priority is Purchase of the land 2800 hectares of land in Pretoria before the land is taken, it’s the only kind of land available of that size very good for property development including National Grand Mosque of South Africa, Mall,          hotels, Apartments, residential homes, Diplomats resident on Arab-Islamic environment. the Land is near to modern electric train called Gautrain that Connects to OR Tambo International airport, the Land has air strip where planes can land from OR Tambo air Port and other in land airports. Its 30 minutes’ drive from City of Pretoria. Near the land are some companies mining and they have developed the area, there is China mall on the way, there are other malls closer, and there are towns nearby. Bank accounts available on request Inshallah.

Wabillah Tawfique  

Approved by:

Sultan Sheikh Yasin Muhammad Yaqeenu-llah ,Grand Mufti of South Africa (+27) 0837498338) (Watsapp) President of the organization, Director of International Affairs.