Bismillah Rahman Raheem
International Bureau of Corporation (IBECO) is an initiative for development of Humanitarian Fund. 

Welfare means distribution of help to those in need. on this organisation, our first preriority is to take care of the orphans and feed the poor which a comandment of Islam and a must for a very Muslim to take part in charity work giving in donation anything you can afford. its a command of Allah to take care of orphans and Help the poor and those in need. this includes Humanitarian aid as imediate help that is treated as emergency in response to the call for Help for affected as a result of natural disaster and wars with essentails such as food, safe water, clothing, tents, mediacal aid, etc. there the management apprreciate whoever takes part in this noblest work the most loved by Allah Subhanahu Wataal, He forgive those who donate to help those in need and increase braka in the rizq and in life of the giver, and He promised to grant you Janatul firdausi if you donate generously. Click Donate to Donate.
Giving is not about how much you have, but how much you care, starting with small donation as 1 $ dolor , we can together raise as more as needed to help others in need. one teeth can not bite even is the strongest and biggest, you need all your teeth down and up together to make a bite. we need each other when it come to humanitarian Aid. Men and women, children and adults are the teeth we need to make a bite for those in need of food, shelter, clothing, medications, etc.