Waqfu , Endowments

Bismillah Rahman Raheem. Waqfu is an Arabic word that emans endowments means anything donated to Islam most especially a property such as building, car, plot of Land, Quran , things that lasts for longer period including all educational equipments. Waqfu is the heart of every Muslim Organmisation because its makes availability of buildings to be usful for Islamic work such masjid, madrasa, if the building as rented the money helps in payinmg salaries of Imams, Muadhin , teachers, and all workers of Deen including field workers on dawa ( spreading the message of Islam).  we call upon muslim brothers and sisters to donate  generousily towards Waqfu contribution to purchase properties for Waqfu. for those willing to donate anything as waqfu for example, a house, a car, plot of land, Quran, contact us.