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Bismillah Rahman Rahim (in the name of God the Most merciful the Compassionate, Assalaam aleikum warahmatullah (peace be upon you and mercy of God), In His name, we apply for a diplomatic licence as per subject matter in accordance with section (15)(1-2) of Institution of Traditional or Cultural leaders Act 2011 that says” A traditional or cultural leader shall not deal with foreign governments except with concurrence of the Government. The Minister responsible for foreign affairs shall develop guidelines for approval to be granted under subsection (1).”

His Majesty Sultan Sheikh Ssemakula Muhammad the heir to His Majesty Sultan Sheikh Sswaibu Ssemakula was declared the Leader of Suuh Kingdom of Arabia (SKA) on his Inauguration day of 10th/ August/ 2014 at Katuumu Luweero in the Republic of Uganda, in Accordance with chapter sixteen-Institutions of Traditional or Cultural leaders article 246 (1-6), and in accordance with Institution of traditional or cultural leaders Act of 2011 of the laws of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda as stipulated in acts 3,4(1)a,(2),5(1)a,6 that says:

Act 3 “Subject to the Constitution, the institution of traditional or cultural leader may exist in any area of Uganda in accordance with the culture, customs and traditions or wishes and aspirations of the people to whom it applies”. Act 4 (1)(a) A traditional or cultural leader may be instituted in accordance with the culture, customs and traditions of the people to whom it applies” . Act 4 (2) “(2) The institution under sub section (1) shall be communicated in writing to the Minister. Act 5 (1)(a) “A person may be installed as a traditional or cultural leader in any area of Uganda if that person derives allegiance from birth. Act 6 “Where a traditional or cultural leader has been declared to exist in anyarea of Uganda in accordance with the culture, customs and traditionsor wishes and aspirations of the people, the Minister shall cause thedeclaration to be published in the Gazette”.

Brief Biography of Suuh Kingdom of Arabia (SKA)

HM the Sultan Suuh (King) of Suuh Kingdom of Arabia (SKA) and the Suuh Kingdom of Arabia were restored by the amendment (No.8) Act-statute No.8, Article 118 (1)-of 1993 enacted by the parliament of Uganda and officially recognized and protected by the constitution of the republic of Uganda by chapter IV-Article 37- chapter XVI. Article 246 (1)- (6)-of 1995 and by amendment (No.2)Act- Schedule V. Article 178.8-of 2005 and by the Acts Supplement (No.4)-Act 6 of 2011.The Suuh Kingdom of Arabia (SKA) took her identity on the inauguration of her Traditional leader with title of Sultan that took place on Sunday the 10th of August 2014 At Katuumu Luwero Uganda.

Inheritance of Sheikh Swaibu Ssemakula the great as the first Sultan of Suuh Kingdom of Arabia (SKA)

His inheritance was determined by the statements of his will and live testimonies in his gatherings he organised purposely to announce his heir and himself announced that Sultan Sheikh Muhammad Ssemakula one of his youngest sons is his heir who was very young at that time, and when he grew up, his eldest children publically announced his heir and they all consented and signed on applications for him to acquire powers of administration from the high court of Uganda and there after he was installed as Sultan of Suuh Kingdom of Arabia (SKA).

The Suuh Kingdom of Arabia (SKA) is a traditional cultural institute existed late 1890s founded by the late Sheikh Sswaibu Ssemakula the son of Isaac Bakiika who was the Muganzi Lwazza of Buganda Kingdom of that time. He had permanent seat in Buganda lutikko, adviser to King sir Edward Muteesa II, contributed largely for Uganda to achieve her independence and he led Prayers for the country on behalf of Islam on Independence Day Declaration 9th October 1962.

He was founder member of Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) and adviser to President Militon Obote 1 that makes Him and his followers a very powerful Political vehicle of not Only in Uganda but other parts of the world where he left a legacy in Africa, Europe and Arab world where Books about him has been written by so many historians and he has so many followers.

After the internal wars of Buganda kingdom largely caused by faith when Christianity and Islam entered the kingdom that resulted into having present day Kibuli Royal family of Buganda kingdom started with prince Nuhu Mbogo who was inherited by his son prince Badru kakungulu who was inherited by his son present day prince Kasimu Nakibinge as Leaders of Islam in Buganda Kingdom under the administration of Bulange Mengo which is Christian and traditionalists.

Sheikh Sswaibu Ssemakula and his followers did not became part of Kibuli Royal family under the kingship of Prince Nuh Mbogo as part of Buganda Kingdom because he had earlier started His own kingdom that formed a relationship with British governor sir Bernard Henry Bourdillon who legally allowed him to continue with his teachings and beliefs in Partnership with British Protectorate of Uganda that was initiated as a trust named Uganda Jamatel Islam Under the Land (Perpetual succession) Ordinance (Cap. 101 Revised law of 1923), Certificate of Incorporation No. 63 Tittle No. 7782) registered 10th March 1933, the land in trust here is at Kawempe, Kampala of Present day “ Kawempe Muslim primary school” which became his headquarters.

The Uganda Jamatel Islam as Corporate body worked in partnership with Kibuli Royal administration of Islam in Buganda Kingdom and that Partnership resulted in Building the Kibuli Mosque from contributions donated by Muslim community to Uganda Jamatel Islam.

Also with that Partnership, Sheikh Sswaibu Ssemakula established Quran school which he named Uganda Jamatel Islam Quran school present day ‘Kawempe Muslim Primary school’ as his private school where he trained and developed skills of leadership for his students and followers. He appointed those who qualified in leadership positions to serve Islam in different parts of the country, He appointed a leader in each and every district of Uganda, and in every district he appointed County leaders those who spread his teachings in guidance of communities regard Islam as their faith. He established other training centres in different parts of the country where he trained his students and followers such as Kitosi-Masaka in Buganda, and he established his major training institute At Katuumu Luwero where he settled permanently and declared to be his resting Place where he built his Palace which later became his main home while his first home at Kawempe, kampala present day Kawempe Muslim Primary school became his second home.

His Palace of Katuumu Luweero became very important in His social Political and economic development, whenever he was needed by King Muteesa II or Dr Militon Obote as Prime minister and as President of Uganda, they could send a helicopter to fetch him from his Palace at Katuumu luwero and bring him back after serving the government. His training institute of Katuumu Luwero became the most famous centre of knowledge and leadership commonly known by almost everyone profess Islam in Uganda. He transferred His graduate institute from Kawempe, KamPala to Katuumu permanently and His training at Kawempe remained for both secular and religious teaching supported by the government of Uganda initiated by Dr Militon Obote who was by then the president of Uganda. Every student he graduated from his training centres of Kawempe Kampala present day Kawempe Muslim Primary School and Katuumu Luwero, he awarded them with a certificate of completion letter headed Uganda Jamatel Islam. His graduates and their families have accumulated in all parts of the country and so many different countries are extremely loyal to him and to his heirs as their Sultan.

Sultan sheikh Sswaibu Ssemakula designed a complete social and Political structure for his follower which is completely different traditions and culture contrary to Traditions and Cultures of Buganda kingdom such as, the title of leader in his kingdom is called Sultan which is similar title of a king in Buganda Kingdom. In marriages, he ordered cousins of his family to marry each other, his Daughter Zalia Nankyinga married Ibrahim Mukiibi the elder son of his brother Juma Bagenda, and His Son Sheikh Burhan Ssemakula who was former Sheikh Islam of Kibuli died recently married daughter of his same elder brother her name is Rehema Nabatanzi, and the children from both families still existing to date in big numbers, and they have accumulated after years.

According to Buganda Kingdom, that tradition of cousins marrying each other is a taboo that is punishable. He succeeded because He cut off his family and followers from believing and following traditions and cultures of Buganda kingdom and he defined his own Traditions and cultures contrary to Buganda kingdom with friendly strategies that kept His Political relationship with Buganda kingdom and Central Government of Uganda time after time until to date. And so many other traditions and cultures not mentioned here.

As visionary leader, he defined the future of Islam in Uganda by centralisation of Islamic leadership as a fundamental right of any Muslim without regard to his traditional or cultural status of any tribe of Uganda who is academically eligible for leadership of Islamic affairs not according to royalty of Buganda Kingdom as established by Kibuli-Mengo Islamic Leadership, but according to educational qualifications and individual merits, that definition developed into establishment of the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC) of today as the national statutory organisation in charge of Islam and Muslim affairs in Uganda initially and forever depends on the central government, but seen as opposition to the Islamic leadership of Kibuli Royal family of Buganda Kingdom regard themselves as administrators of Islam and Muslim affairs for all Ugandans who profess Islam as their religion including all tribes of Uganda such as Banyakore, Bagisu, Basoga, Bateeso, Banyoro, Banyoli, Bageweere, etc.

Upon forming the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC) he became the first Mufti of Uganda and transformed His leadership structure of Islam in Uganda he established as Uganda Jamatel Islam into Structures of Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC) of today, as well as prominent political figure of Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) as founder member, the Muslim Community, Kibuli-Mengo Islamic Administration, Buganda Kingdom together with the government all recognised the existence of his kingdom (Suuh kingdom of Arabia (SKA) that was seen as threat to Buganda kingdom and plans for termination of His kingdom by Buganda Kingdom ordered an attack by Supporters of Kabaka Yekka (KY) to kill him and destroy his Palace of Katuumu Luwero which was set on fire and burnt to ashes.

His farms of animals , birds, plants, etc were destroyed, lost much of his wealth, important documents including title deeds and treaties, money in cash, very unique books of Islam and books about Islam he authored waiting for publication, clothes, Jewels of His wives and daughters, golden gifts from world leaders and so much more all was burnt to ashes. When his attackers reached at him in his house, they immediately tempted to burn him alive before doing anything else, they laid him down on the sponge mattress and poured petro on him to burn him alive but he had very powerful prayers that activated his supernatural powers that did not allow the fire to burn him neither was he hurt physically. He knew he was not untouchable protected by the unseen powers of His kingdom and that is why he remained behind when his attackers from Kibuli-Mengo leadership of Buganda Kingdom well-known and clearly documented publically announced and organised in jubilation to terminate Him, his entire family and His kingdom, according to accounts of eye witnesses including his only surviving wife who is still alive to date in her 80s Hajjat Saudat mother of my father the heir to Sultan Sheikh Sswaibu Ssemakula the great.

The fatal operation of his attackers was announced days prior to attacks that enabled him to evacuate His family and followers to keep a distance from His Palace, only him remained with heroism waiting for them to come. Alhamdu lillah (thank God) He was rescued by then the Defence force of the government of Uganda on Presidential command of Idd Amin Dada and he gave him a home at kololo where he stayed but later he requested to take exile to Busoga to his follower Khalifah Ibrahim who was extremely loyal to him where he stayed for so long with presidential protection command.

Upon his return from exile, he re-built His Home and palace but was destroyed by the wars that ended in 1986 bringing President Museveni and his government to power with a democratic constitution that restored kingdoms and their leaders as traditional and cultural institutions in the Republic of Uganda. We lost a lot as result of wars and the government has never given us anything since in power of more than 30 years, now we are asking the government to remember us and give us our kingdom back like other areas in Uganda so that we are not deprived of excising our constitutional right and freedom in this process of restoration of our kingdom with new identity of Suuh kingdom of Arabia (SKA) according to institution of Traditional or Cultural leaders Article 246 (1-6) as amended by the Act of 2011.


Requests of Suuh Kingdom of Arabia (SKA) to the Government of Uganda

  1. Privileges and benefits of Traditional or cultural leaders, and benefits of Institutions of Traditional or cultural leaders as stipulated in Act (10)(1-5) schedule 2 part 1 and 2, A of Institutions of Traditional or cultural leaders act 2011 of Uganda Constitution. Security is priority privilege and benefit in schedule 2 part 1, the region where our headquarters are situated is what considered as Buganda region as well as Kampala, the capital city of Uganda is the most contested, and therefore security is a priority.
  3. Diplomatic licence according to Act (15)(1-2) of Institution of traditional or cultural leaders Act 2011 of the constitution of Uganda to enable Suuh Kingdom of Arabia (SKA) and the leader to serve his people beyond borders according to the nature of our kingdom is not determined by size of land and geographical location but its determined by followers we have branches in some countries as followers loyal to Suuh kingdom of Arabia (SKA). Proposed kind of diplomacy requested attached.

The achievements of Suuh kingdom of Arabia (SKA) includes the establishment of Kibuli-Mengo administration of Muslim community and the development of Buganda kingdom, the Political achievement of Uganda as a country as Uganda People’s Congress UPC) founder members, the establishment of Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC), neither of those three make part of Suuh kingdom of Arabia as traditional and cultural institution, and there is no way Suuh Kingdom of Arabia (SKA) is a threat to their operations despite the undeniable fact that the Suuh kingdom of Arabia (SKA) has her roots from Buganda Kingdom and Kibuli-Mengo Islamic administration, Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC) as founder members, Uganda Government as founder members of Uganda People’s Congress (UPC).

The Suuh kingdom of Arabia (SKA) is only exercising her constitutional rights to exist as a traditional and cultural institution according to the constitution of the republic of Uganda in order to be more immune from Political involvement as stipulated in the Act (12)(a),(13)(1-4) of 2011 for Traditional and cultural leaders which prohibit traditional leaders participation in politics.

The Only request we make to the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC), Buganda kingdom and Kibuli Muslim leadership, Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC), and Central Government of Uganda is to welcome us as partners in leadership not to confuse our traditional cultural institution as a threat of any kind to stability of our country Uganda. The entire world is looking for visionary leaders to help see the future solving present solving problems affecting humanity. Islam in Particular according to the international community is increasingly becoming a threat to those in leadership positions of governments with illusions of fears associated to Islam as faith.

It’s impossible to get solutions to problems affecting humanity if we are not mining our brains for those solutions and instead we are mining our hearts for our desire that increasingly produce more fear and greed according to human nature. Mining our hearts has increased our desires for short time worldly gains that satisfies our hearts and we have mined more gold , diamond, money, wealth, that requires to be protected at all cost even if it means to kill whoever is thought to be possessing eminent threat even if he or she is not. The time of today is when humanity has reached highest level in technology but lowest level in humanity as we see daily innocent children and their mothers murdered in so many parts of the world that makes headlines in news yet very few murders are reported. We are living in dark ages with light of democracy in our hands but has not become as a solution to the problems affecting humanity.

But if we stop using our most powerful tool of human imagination in mining our hearts for our desires and instead use our imagination in mining our brains for solutions affecting humanity, the super natural intellect of human nature awakens and spontaneously rises the level of our consciousness as humans that over power our desires from our hearts and empower us to focus to the objective of life which is building nations for present and future generations to come. Every human brain is very powerful tool of transformation at all times as you can see Technology advancement has reached so high, but you must be mining your brain to discover yourself and those around you so that you become an everlasting Lantern for whoever needs your light to see, so that you will always live in people’s minds and hearts even if you’re not seen.

The International Big Vision of Suuh Kingdom of Arabia (SKA) 2018

Mining my brains for so many years has produced golden visions of the future from dark ages of today to everlasting joy and life without fear, living in bliss with confidence to all humanity with solutions to major causes of problems to humanity today which is faith and leadership.

Currently the entire world is facing self-destruction if serious possible measures are not taken for solutions of the holy land of Jerusalem in Palestine which is occupied by Israel. In that holy land the world faiths converge together, Islam has Al-Aqsa Mosque and dome of the Rock, Christianity has the church of holy sepulchre, and Jews has the western wall which is very significant to everyone in the world who profess that faith. Yet each faith, either Islam, Christianity or Jews claims the ownership of this holy site and that is why countries headed by America Using Israel as their military base have occupied the holy land and now the American president has declared Jerusalem as capital of Israel keeping interests of Jews who practice Judaism willing to destroy the entire holy site and build what they called the third temple of David.


This is not acceptable to Christians and Muslims in the world, as for Islam its very dangerous situation because you have to kill all Muslims in the world to destroy the holy site of Masjidil Aqsa and Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. The Occupation of Palestine by Israel, killing innocent Palestinians, breaking their houses, imprisoning them, etc is all because of the contested holy site in Jerusalem. If we get a solution there will be ever lasting peace in the world in that region and the whole world at large.

International Big Vision of Suuh Kingdom of Arabia (SKA) 2018 is focusing on possible solutions to this problem facing humanity that is resulting in self-destruction, we do not want to see another atomic bomb dropped on another country as it was dropped at Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan by America in world war 2 1945 which was total destruction of human nature on earth, since world war 2 in 1945 until now people are still suffering from that atomic bomb America dropped at Japan. So to avoid such another catastrophe to happen, here is the proposed vision of Suuh Kingdom of Arabia (SKA) Diplomacy as follow:

The Suuh kingdom of Arabia (SKA) has initiated International diplomacy with proposed common declaration of Peace for Palestine (DPP) shared between countries that become member states upon signing this declaration. On the other side we have union of Muslim Supreme councils of DPP member states to operate as Global Muslim Alliance (GMA) responsible for addressing the Islamic Interests of Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, GMA will be passing resolutions adopted by governments of member states creating uniform administration of Islamic affairs . All member states of DPP must open a Diplomatic Office for Suuh Kingdom of Arabia (SKA) which is a commission of four officers, two for DPP and two for GMA, three of commissioners are citizens of member states, only one is a representative of Suuh Kingdom of Arabia (SKA) in DPP member states.

We therefore request the government of Uganda to be the first DPP member state, copy of proposed DPP (Declaration of Peace for Palestine forwarded to Ministry of foreign affairs of Uganda Government.

The Suuh kingdom of Arabia (SKA) proposed diplomacy is a great benefit to the country of Uganda as a nation in the international community that rises Uganda to top class countries in the world holding international summits, developing tourism industry and foreign investments in Uganda a great development of economy to the countries benefited in their diplomacy like Nigeria, South Africa, etc where traditional leaders play a very big important role in development of their governments.


Sighting an example of South Africa which is similar to Uganda in having traditional cultural leaders, the Government have what is called CONTRALESA (Congress of Traditional leaders of South Africa) which is an independent statutory body in charge of Traditional Leaders and their institutions, the government uses this approach to address issues concerning Traditional leaders and their institutions, they have very powerful kingdoms similar to Buganda or Ankole Kingdoms such as Zulu kingdom etc, all under CONTRALESA, they play their roles in international diplomacy and home affairs of South Africa in insuring votes of ruling party are secured from majority through their traditional leaders.


Its takes a visionary leader to transform and transit his nation to the next generation in prosperity, Diplomatic licence required is the mirror for Suuh Kingdom of Arabia (SKA) vision reflect on the establishment of long term solutions and maintain the achieved prosperity of Uganda eliminating any possibility of going back to wars that has affected Uganda as a nation because every war destroys the infrastructure of the country going back ward to 100 years as it has happened to Arab Muslim countries including Libya, Siriya, Iraq, Yemen, Egypt, Tunisia, Zimbabwe, etc because of poor diplomacy and intelligence. World super powers cannot invade any country unless there is defiance to their conditions. Instead of waiting to be attacked and destroy the country, is better to comply with super powers to avoid more open humiliation and destruction.

I there for looking forward for Honourable minister through your office to act according to the laws and contact us electronically by email with detailed information on progress of this application to enable us get a soft copy and hard copies of Diplomatic Licence as proof of compliance with the constitution of the republic of Uganda. WaBillah Taqwfique (In God We Trust) in His name I write this letter and In His name I end. download Suuh Kingdom of Arabia Charter

The Sultan of Suuh Kingdom of Arabia (SKA) has  a vision that will bring ever lasting solution for Palestine and Islam in the world forever that needs both religious apporach and Political approach.  To deal with both approaches, the Sultan has initiated a Global diplomacy for both approaches having a commission in every country that becomes a member state, on that commission , there are two officers who deal with political approach and two officers deal with religious approach. the two officers for political approach are Commissioner and Govenor , and the two officers for religious approach are Khalifah and Imam. the Khalifah and Imam deal with statutory coporate body or bodies in charge of Islam of a country that become a member state comonly known as Muslim Supreme Council found in so many countries. Uniting Muslim Supreme Councils of member states operation results into Global Muslim Alliance (GMA).
the major purpose of GMA is to unite the Muslim Ummah in the world to deal with challenges facing us as muslims globally mainly wars against muslim countries, Humanitarian crisis as a result of wars, refugees, and future of global Islam, the beggest challenge is Peace for Palestine which has become the priority for SKA approached by GMA vision initiated by declaration of peace for Palestine that must be signed by Member states. download a copy here
 get a copy of the letter to President of Turkey Erdogan Signed_Letter_to_Turkish_President.pdf