Masjid Building-MUSCOOSA

Masjid Building (Waqfu)

There is no Mosques in Black peoples places , mosques are only in Indian and malaysian based places. South Africa is a country growing in Islam academically and infrastructure. there is no Islamic learned South Africn people to teach their people in their home communities and there are no well established schools of Islam that provide Islamic education to South African People. the government welcomes any assistance to Muslim communities in building Schools with mosques in location and towns that will provide education about Islam to children and services to Adults that makes an islamic inviroment a reality to them with in their communities. there fore the main priority of the Organisation is to develope infrastructure majorly to be in use as Islamic centers that has a school, mosque, hall, living quaters and hospital to provide health services and training of medical practitioneers. donations for the sake of Allah to build mosque, school, etc is welcome, contatc us.