Halaal Inspectors-MUSCOOSA

Halaal Inspectors-MUSCOOSA

Halaal Tribunal (SAHVECO)

 South African Halaal Verification Council (SAHVECO)

is a commission of Department of Halaal standards of Muslim Supreme Council of South Africa (MUSCOOSA) that deals settling Halaal Disputes between all four categories of Halaal namely:

1. Halaal Agents 

2. Halaal Providers 

3. Halaal Inspectors  

4. Halaal Consumers

in order for effective services of SAHCO and operation of Halaal Tribunal, All Halall Agents, Halaal providers, Halaal Inspectors and Halaal Consumers must be Registered.  DOWNLOAD HALAAL REGISTRATION (SAHVECO) HERE

To deal with disputes between all four types of Halaal Standards Observers and stop fraud in usage of Halaal ward.

1.      If a customer is served food or drink lebeled as Halaal but not Halaal, itís a criminal offence , the consumer must report the Mater of our Tribunal to be deal with it,

2.      A person labeling his adverts with Halaal word without Halaal certificate from Halaal Agents is committing a criminal offence even if He or She is a Muslim or not.

3.      Halaal Agents not inspecting business of Halaal providers must report the mater to our tribunal to deal with it, it is corruption and fraud punishable in the law.

4.      Halaal Agents breach contract of Halaal provider by listing his Goods and services as Haram and they are not Haram or Halaal by they are not Halaal, it is a criminal offence of breaching consumer confidence.

5.      Halaal Inspectors not doing their work entrusted by Halaal Agents.

6.      Rejection of Halaal Provider to subscribe with another Halaal Agent.

7.      Etc  

NB: No any Person is allowed to announce publicly that the business of so and so is Haram. That can only be declared by this tribunal after hearing the reasons of not being able to comply with Halaal Standards, especially if the business showing financial loses.