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Halaal Agents-MUSCOOSA




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With the following Requirements:

South AfricanBureau of Halaal Standards (SABHS)

SouthAfrican Bureau of Standards was initiated by the Department of Halaal , MuslimSupreme Council of South Africa, to Regulate Halaal institution that is growingso rapidly, that from having only organization dealing in Halaal as HalaalAgents to more new organizations. Other are Non-profit organization entitieswhile others are private entities. After years, the growth of HalaalInstitution has created a demand for a legitimate Regulator mandated toestablish requirements for Halaal Agents (HA), Halaal Providers (HP),Halaal Consumers (HC), and Halaal Inspectors (HI) for consumerprotection and tribunal to settle Halaal Disputes. 

ThatLegitimate Mandated Regulator has emerged as South African Bureau of HalaalStandards (SABHS) setting up business trends that suits management ofHalaal Institution of South Africa that is so much affected with internationalconfederation of Halaal Standards to enable effective export products tocountries concerned of Halaal Standards. Without strict Halaal observation andadherence no international business can take place across borders, and noconsumer confidence can be gained or restored at local market. That is howimportant is strict observation and adherence to Halaal standards.

 Halaalservices are categorized into four categories as follows:

1. HalaalAgents 2. Halaal Providers 3. Halaal Inspectors  4. Halaal Consumers

 HalaalAgents (HA) 

HalaalAgents are Registered business entities who deal in Halaal Services toHalaal  providers  for Issuance ofHalaal Certificates  and Carry out Halaal Inspections at an annual fee. Theseinclude South African National Halaal Authority (SANHA), National HalaalIndependent Trust (NIHT), Muslim Judicial Committee MJC,Islamic Council of South Africa (ICSA), etc mostly NonProfit Organizations.

HalaalProviders (HP)

HalaalProviders are Business entities to whom the Halaal Certificate are issued forproduction of aHahahhhhyywweHalaalgoods and services with strict observation of halaal standards for consumersconcerned of Halaal Standards. These include whole sale and retail traders,manufacturers. Their products and services are inspected daily, weekly, monthlydepending on the nature of Halaal products. For example restaurants makes newfood daily so they must be inspected on daily basis to ensure adherence toHalaal standards in every meal before it’s served to the public. While otherproducts used daily including cosmetics, teeth pastes, etc are inspected duringprocessing period.

HalaalConsumers (HC)

These arenormal ordinary consumers of the similar ordinary products but they areconcerned of strict observation of Halaal standards according to regulations ofislamic teachings. They cannot use anything externally (cosmetics etc) or Drinkor eat anything which is not compliance to Halaal standards. Here they look atthe list of ingredients used in manufacturing of goods and if it is not HalaalIf they see alcohol or products from pork (pig Meat) used because it forbiddenin Islamic faith to eat pork and drink Alcohol.

Also we donot any kind of meat that was not slaughtered properly using a knife and cutoff the head, like some slaughter houses kill animals or birds for eating any waythey want as long it is dead. Also an animal or bird died without beingslaughtered , cause of death may be sickness, accident, killing by stranglingor  animal or bird slaughtered but notslaughtered in the name of Allah ( God) saying: “Bismillah Allah Akbar,means in the Name of Allah (God) , Allah (God) is Great” at the time ofslaughtering. And animals or birds slaughtered for rituals not allowed to beeaten in Islam. Etc.    

HalaalInspectors (HI)

 AreInspectors of Halaal to ensure strict observations and adherence to Halaalstandards when dealing in Halaal products manufacturing. And when they confirmHalaal compliance by Halaal providers, a log of word Halaal is written on theproduct to mean, its ok for consumption by the public concerned of Halaalstandards which make major part of our faith as Muslims. Mixed families ofMuslims and Christians observe Halaal because those who embrace Islam cannotany food made if it is not with Halaal standards compliance.  

 Requirementsfor Halaal Agents (HA)

1.      Registered as Non-Profitorganization

2.      Good records of Tax clearancefrom SARS

3.      Muslims with knowledge of HalaalStandards

4.      Must not be a profit makingentity of any kind because Halaal standards are Islamic Faith Based Regulationsfor communities.

5.      Halaal Inspection Plan

6.      ID/Passport of Directors

7.      Application for HalaalRegistration and contract as Halaal Agent obtained from our offices given afterapproval of the above documents required

Requirementsfor Halaal Providers

1.      Registered as profit making ornon-profit making Business.

2.      Certified Halaal Certificate fromlegitimate Halaal Agents

3.      Halaal Contract between HalaalAgents and Halaal Provider

4.      Halaal Inspection plan

5.      Tax Clearance from SARS

6.      ID/Passport of Contact forHalaal.

7.      Application for HalaalRegistration and contract obtained from our offices and website: http://muscoosa.co.za

Requirementsfor Halaal Inspectors (HI)

1.      Certificate of Registration as HalaalInspector (Issued by SABHS after attending a one week Halaal Inspection coursefree of Charge to be equipped with enough knowledge of Halaal Business. TheHalaal Standards Course determines what level of Halaal Inspector (high levelis when you can use a Lab for Halaal inspection) free courses arranged forinterested.

2.      Driver with a valid driver’slicense

3.      Application for Halaal Inspectorobtained from our offices, website : http://muscoosa.co.za

Requirementsfor Halaal Consummer (HC)

1.      Agree not to mix Halaal Foods anddrinks with not Halaal and Drinks as we have seen before.

2.      Notice Board of Halaal food anddrinks

3.      Do not Use same ports, plates,cups, falk, spoons, etc to serve, eat or Drink for Halaal Foods and drinkswhich was previously used for not Halaal foods and drinks, all utensils Usedfor Halaal Foods and drinks must be separated and only used for Halaal foodsand Drinks.