Assalaam aleikm WarahmatullahGMA stands for Global Muslim Alliance (GMA) that is formed from Union of Muslim Supreme Councils world wide calling for unity of Muslim Ummah. its Founded by Suuh Kingdom of Arabia (SKA) in 2016 with Muslim Supreme Council of South Africa (MUSCOOSA) is the Founding Member state of GMA, click here to see Founding MoU Global_Muslim_Alliance_Founding_Document_(2).pdf

Global Muslim Alliance membership is for all countries because there are muslims in every country , the GMA membership process is  as easy as only to register your country by signing on this MoU.  download here GMA_MoU_International.pdf

The main Achivement of GMA since it was established is the impact that lead to Israel-America dedciesions of making Jeusalem the capital of Israel and exepulsion of African Imigrants from Israerl according to the official letter we sent to Rabb of Synagogue here in Johannesburg calling for a dialogue for the future of Jerusalem, Aqsa Mosque and Dome of the Rock betwenn the three masjor religions Islam, Judaism and christianity.  two months letter after this letter was sent, the reaction was deciesion to take further action regarding Jerusalem by making it Capital city of Israel as it was announced by  President of the United States of America Donald Trump  with Prime minister of Israel Natanyahu. get a pdf copy of the original letter_that_impacted_Trumps__deciesion_for_Jerusalem.pdf