Fatuwas Passed by Shuyukh of Isalamic countries is our fatuwa as we are waiting for the formation of GMA (Global Muslim Alliance) operate as Union of  Muslim Supreme Councils in the world that meet annually and pass fatuwas as resolutions to be adopted by members states of GMA.

Bism-llah Rahman Raheem, In the name of Allah Most merciful the Compassionate, Assalam aleikum Warahmatu-llah , Peace be upon you and mercy of God , Allah), in His name i greate you with warm welcome to the Muslim Supreme Council of South Africa (MUSCOOSA) that was established 2014 and officially inugirated by the state on 5-6th October 2015. The Inaugiration was held as Faith Based Organisation Summit that was held by Gautend Provincial Government Presided over by Gauteng Premier as directed by the President of the republic of South Africa, all governemnt depatments and municipalities attended the two day summit at Tuffoentein Race course Johannesburg where the first Grand Mufti of South Africa was Inaugirated as Sultan Sheikh Yasin Muhammad Yaqeenu-llah Al-Shuaib who imediately took over the office that initiated operations in South Africa as Office of the Grand Mufti of South Africa. visit our facebook Page to see inaugiration eventn in Photos.https://www.facebook.com/GrandMuftiSA

Upon the state inauguration of the Muslim Supreme Council of South Africa (MUSCOOSA) October 5-6 2015 at Tuffontein Race Course Here in Johannesburg, the government declared that the door is open to look for donations in Muslim countries, organizations, and individuals. Financial Support of the organisation largely depends on donations but the Muslim Community of South Africa is largely affected by apartheid that ended more than 20 years now, people still live in their communities and they financialy donate according to their communities.

There are black community, Indian community, Malaysian-Indonesian community, white community and colored community. Out of more than 65 million people living in South Africa, approximately less than 10 million people are not Black. The Indians and Malaysian- Indonesian brought as slaves came with Islam to South Africa and it was not possible for Islam to spread to black people because of apartheid and that was major cause of slow growth of Islam in Black communities of South Africa.

After apartheid Islam started to grow in South Africa, people converting to Islam as many as possible majority of them Blacks. The major problem is there is no financial support to facilitate the increasing number of reverts to Islam. We are making an appeal to your generosity to donate towards the organization to enable us provide free Islamic community services such as health and education for adults and children, male and female, building mosques, operational costs, etc. treating and teaching of new Muslims making them strong believers has become major challenge that needs immediate financial help to establish long term solutions such as purchase of properties for endowments that generates income from rentals and also utilize them for masjid, education and health services.
Initiatives of Muslim Supreme Council of South Africa (MUSCOOSA).
Upon Taking over Office of the Grand Mufti of South Africa, with my Team , we established the administration structure of Islamic affairs of South Africa on a national scale covering all Provinces. there was no administration structure of Islamic affairs in South Africa , and available Islamic organisations operate according to their communities for example, Indian, Malaysian, Pakistan, Somalian, Ethiopian, Egyptian, Ugandan, Nigerian, Senegalese, Malawiyan, Sudanese, Egyptian, Tanzanian, Kenyan, etc. but because Indian and malyasian-Indonesian came to South Africa during apartheid , they become dominant in Islam of South Africa, the Indian Community have their Organisation called Jamiatul Ulama baesd only in Gauteng Province and Malaysian Community have Organisation called Muslim Judicial Commitee (MJC).

 Jamiatul Ulama and Muslim Judicial Commitee embraced the leadership of Muslim Supreme Council of South Africa (MUSCOOSA) as independent Organisations working together in partnership with our administration but power struggle still a very big challenge which needs very serious negotiations , for example the un accetable behjavior of Jamiatul Ulama and MJC towards major Initiative of Muslim Supreme Council of South Africa (MUSCOOSA) visitors who confirmed to come to South Africa on  a two day visit, they were supposed to arrive on 3 and leave on 5 October 2016 replying to the Invitation we sent them inviting them to South Africa and Support Islam in South Africa and other Southern African Countries. the visitors were Muftis of different Muslim Countries chaired by the Grand Mufti of Egypt. Jamiatul Ulama and MJC coperated in the welcome of visitors and we were all ahppy with the new develpment, then a week before the visitors to arrive in South Africa they acted in Opposition and they announced in media. the visitors postponed their trip to South Africa until confirmed