Declaration of Peace for Palestine-MUSCOOSA

Declaration of Peace for Palestine-MUSCOOSA


Suuh Kingdom of Arabia (SKA) has GMA as the right wing intiative and DPP as left wing Initiative. DPP stands for Declaration of Peace for Palestine and GMA stands for Global muslim Alliance. 
Downlaod PDF copy of DPP (Declaration ofe Peace for Palestine ) here 

Declaration of Peace for the State of Palestine-DPP

We The Undersigned member states of Global Muslim Alliance (GMA) in support for peaceful measures that ensures independence and sovereignty of the state of Palestine from Israel, Jordan, Egypt ,Lebanon, Syria, and international community Declare IN THE NAME OF ALLAH (GOD) MOST MERCIFUL THE COMPASSIONATE (BISMI LLAH RAHMAN RAHEEM) THAT:

1).THAT: Independence

15th May 2018 is Independence Day for the State of Palestine with Eastern Jerusalem as capital in recognition to the Borders of Palestine determined and confirmation by previously signed agreements between Palestine and Israel for proposed borders by United Nations clearly witnessed and documented.

2).THAT: Holiness of Masjidil Aqsa, Dome of the Rock and Jerusalem

The government of the state of Palestine will and forever observe the sanctity of Dome of the Rock, Masjidil Aqsa, and Jerusalem as a holy land of Islam by making special rules and regulations in the Constitution of the state of Palestine that observe the sanctity of Masjidil Aqsa, Dome of the Rock as place of worship with Jerusalem as a holy land in accordance with Islamic sharia law that gives Masjidil Aqsa, Dome of the Rock, and Jerusalem precedence as the third holiest Mosque of Islam yet itís the first and highest as first direction of prayers (Qibla) according to the holy Quran. These facts acknowledge undeniable precedence of the statutory corporate body in charge of Masjidil Aqsa of the Dome of the Rock over all other entities of the same kind of statutory bodies in the world.

3). THAT: Palestine Defence Force

Upon Independence of the state of Palestine, Hamas and Al-Fatah including any other militias are integrated into National army of Palestine that will forever be the national defence forces of the state of Palestine that observe and maintain bi-lateral relations between the two countries in accordance with international community border control standards, and in accordance with seasonal agreements between two sovereign states as time seemed necessary.

4). THAT: Elections

Within 12 months of Islamic calendar after independence declaration for state of Palestine on 15th May 2018 as proposed, the state of Palestine will exercise a peaceful transparency elections participated by all citizens of Palestine to choose leaders of their choice without any form of intimidation directly or indirectly targeted to voters and Political contestants of Interim Government offices to deal with stability of the state of Palestine and making a democratic constitution. Proposed period of interim government is 2 years.

The elections will vote for the following governmental posts:

  • Prime Minister as the head of State of Palestine
  • Members of Parliament of the state of Palestine
  • Councillors (community leaders) those who propose names of councillors to the parliament to vote for mayor of the Capital City of the state of Palestine and mayors of other cities or Towns, and if state of Palestine is subdivided into districts, District chair should also be elected as a community Councillor and then Qualify to be proposed to the post of district chairman to the parliament by all community councillors of that district.
  • As usual the Prime Minister as head of state of Palestine choose His cabinet and other government posts including head of police, etc. endorsed by the parliament.
  • After endorsement of district chair by the parliament, he or she is responsible for appointing members of Executive council of that district in relation to the cabinet. Every Cabinet Minister must be represented by a member of executive council (MEC) who bridges the government to the Community represented by Councillors.
  • The Interim government is responsible for passing laws of the constitution of the state of Palestine that will determine type of governance and period of office of democratically elected party.
  • The interim government will be responsible for conducting General elections in accordance with the constitution of the state of Palestine and Transition from interim Government to the new democratically elected government during the term of interim government. The new elected government will be sworn in their offices immediately after the end of term of interim government. The Interim government will hand over to the newly democratically elected government on the sworn in ceremony.
  • Upon transferring to a newly democratic government, those whohave not managed to be part of newly democratic government by elections will be integrated into new government workers according to their merits as their wages and salaries will be inherited by the new government that will be determined by the new offices allocated for them. If their allocated offices require more academic excellence, they will be trained and upgraded to the required qualifications by the new government either abroad or inside Palestine without termination of their term of office.

5). THAT: Diplomacy

Global Muslim Alliance (GMA) member states endorse the state of Palestine as an independent state as of 15th May 2018 and with possible means committed to do the following for independent state of Palestine:

  • Officially initiate diplomatic relations and Have their embassies in eastern Jerusalem as the Capital city of the state of Palestine.
  • Financially support infrastructure development
  • Provide skilled labour
  • Enter into bi-lateral treaties of border control, business, Defence, etc.
  • Coordination in sending Palestinian refugees back to Palestine willingly without using any methodology resulting to use of force, this means their refugee status in those countries will not be affected.
  • As sovereign countries wish to do in accordance with international laws.
  • Participate in negations in support of the state of Palestine in negotiations with Israel as well as other countries.

6). THAT: International Relations

If a member state of GMA is attacked by non-member state of GMA, all member states must fight together to protect the sovereignty of a member state being attacked. And if a member state attack another member state, negotiations will immediately be conducted between two conflicting member states to resolve their problem peacefully. But if a member state does not comply with peaceful means of resolving bi-lateral conflict, forceful means will be used by all other member states against non-compliant member state in accordance with international community.

7).THAT: Diplomacy with SKA

Member state of GMA shall and will always acknowledge diplomacy of the Suuh Kingdom of Arabia (SKA) upon signing this declaration of peace for Palestine commissioned with 4 key positions, (1) Khalifah as decision maker and responsible for religious affairs, (2) Commissioner who represents Suuh Kingdom of Arabia (SKA) in member state, (3) Governor who mediate between the commission and member state who implement decisions, (4) Imam responsible for sharia only, He represents Suuh Kingdom of Arabia (SKA) with a permanent seat at GMA, He Coordinates with statutory body in charge of Islamic affairs of member state.

  • The member state shall and will always facilitate the Commission with property that will be used as official diplomatic address, facilitate the 4 diplomats mentioned above or more with monthly wages, homes, and all operational costs to carry out their duties including security, healthy, travel expenses, and all other needed expenses of the commission.
  • The Khalifah, Governor and Imam are citizens of member state, only the commissioner will be from Suuh Kingdom of Arabia (SKA).
  • The number of diplomats may increase depending on the size of operations as member state may wish.
  • The member state shall and will always take part in contribution of financial Aid to Suuh Kingdom of Arabia and Global Muslim Alliance (GMA).
  • Member states shall and will always organise Global Muslim Alliance (GMA) summit once a year rotating within member states at the expense of hosting member state that may be on request shared by willing member state.

8).THAT: Official Language

The Official language of the state of Palestine is and shall always be Arabic language. All other language will be translated into Arabic. The executive may add on other languages to be considered official language including English, French, Russian, and more according to majority usage of that language inside or outside the state of Palestine. Official languages must not exceed 10 languages.

9). THAT: Currency

The Legal Tender applied as money or Currency for the state of Palestine shall and will always be in official adopted languages. Proposed currency for the state of Palestine is Dinar or Riyaal or Dirham, that will be substituted with any currency as the executive may decide before availability of adopted currency for the state of Palestine during the process of establishment of the Reserve Bank of Palestine as the Central bank that regulates all financial institutions such as Banks, Insurances, etc.

10) THAT: Wa Billah Tawfique (In God We Trust) as principle witness to this declaration in the presence of His angels as implementers of this declaration on His Command according to His will.