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Muscoosa (Muslim Supreme Council of South Africa) is the legitimate Supreme organization recognized by the government responsible for Islamic affairs in South Africa. its comprised of board of Trustees as the decision maker chaired by the president with title of Sultan as contemplated in the organization constitution. the Board of Trustees appoints Directors for each department, all directors make board of directors chaired by the managing Director as chairman board of Directors. as contemplated in the constitution of the organization.  The managing director must be one of the trustees. the board of directors are responsible for day to day running of the organization following polices confirmed by the Board of Trustees.

The Central Executive Council (CEC) of MUSCOOSA

  is comprised of board of Directors, chaired by the president and Managing Director as head of departments and General secretary as Director of secretariat and the GrandMufti as Director for sharia. each province has got an executive council chaired by the mufti of the province who reports to office of the GrandMufti. ProvincialMuftis implement policies of the organization in their provinces.  

Managing Director

 Responsible for monitoring operations of Department, all directors reporting back to him, organizing General Assembly he must be part of the Trustees. he reports back to Chairman board of Trustees.

General Secretary

 Is responsible for monitoring and secretaries of each departments, issuing notices of all meetings, speaker of General assembly, reports back to chairman board of Trustees

1. Director Department of Sharia 

  Grand Mufti is Director for Sharia Responsible for office of the Grand Mufti of South Africa. conducting Islamic Marriages and Issuing Marriage certificates, Marriage Counseling and Divorce hearings, implementing wills, appointing heirs, sharing inheritance between the family of late according to Islamic teachings, appointing care takers of orphans and their widow mothers, everything that needs sharia law to deal with it.

2. Director Department of Education 

Responsible for education for all project .Developing and adaption of Islamic Curriculum compatible to South African syllabus from primary level to University Level. giving bursaries and scholarships, linking with international universities for research purposes and exchange of academic professionals.

3.  Director Department of Welfare

Responsible for food distribution, blankets for winter, clothing, feeding Schemes,orphanage, old age home, etc working in partnership with muslim organisations to help communities.giving Bursaries, Scholarships, ensure education for All. Distribution of Zakat, Sadaqat, Lillah, all kinds of Donations.

4.Director Department of Dawah

 Responsible spread message of Islam to all, using all possible means and available Networks including internet, TV and Radio , monthly news paper, take care of New Muslim known as reverts, Imaams and Muadhins, ensuring performance of Salah especially friday Juma salah in all masaajid, and conducting Ramadan programs that includes Salaat Taraweh and Iftar(feeding fasting those who are fasting. 

5. Director Department of Hajj and Umra

Responsible Hajj and Umra with directly of Saudi Government Ministry of Hajj and Umra to ensure effective handling of those who go to mecca to perform Hajj and Umra from South Africa. Quranban Slaughtering, storage  and reservation distribution of Qurban meat, 

6.Director Department of  Zakat  (alarms or charity)  

  Responsible for Zakat, Sadaqa, and Lillah Collection, fundraising projects, receiving donations from Communities, local and international government donors,

7.Director Department of Awqaaf ( endowments)  

Responsible for building mosques  and maintenance, paying mosque bills of rates , light and water, building schools, learning centers, community education centers etc. maintenance of  premises management and maintenance of premises used for as Masjid, school and madrasa , community centers, library etc. this Department is responsible for publication of Quran in different languages and other Islamic Books as may be needed. our target is printing and distribution of 1 million Quran in different languages free to schools, education institutions, Muslim Community etc.

8. Director Department of Women Affairs

Responsible for family issues including women and children upbringing, giving immediate attention to women and children in need, organizing women classes , 

9.  Director  Department of Finance

Responsible for financial management of the organisation,  Quarterly accounts and auditing report, book keeping, etc.

10. Provincial Executive Councils (PEC)

 Provincial Executive Councils chaired by Provincial Muftis who are members of Council of Sheikhs called Majlisil Ulama (see left for details), they report back to the GrandMufti. (PEC) are responsible for implementation of policies and take part in annual budget Estimate and income Genertion projects.


 11.   Regional Executive Council (REC)

 Regional Executive Councils are leaders in charge of Muslim affairs in towns. They work under Provincial Procincial Muftis. More details click contact us and send a message. wabillah Tawfiq wa aleih tawakkalana wabih nastaenu, alhamdu lilahi Rabil Alameen..